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FPSC Assistant Director FIA Investigation Paper held on 22/10/2019 Batch 1

FPSC Assistant Director FIA Investigation Paper held on 22/10/2019 Batch 1

  1. S.I unit of current is;

  2. Comets revolve around the Sun

  3. Umda tul Qari is written by;

  4. Kurdastan region referendum 2017 was for independence from which country

  5. The position of an element in a periodic table is determined by its _______ number.

  6. OBOR stands for?

  7. When the tenure of Supreme Court Judge comes to an end?

  8. 60.6×111=?

  9. Basic colors are;

  10. Countries in Quad East Countries are;

  11. Recent south China dispute judgment favors which country?

  12. In which year Pakistan China border treaty was signed?

  13. What is great red spot?

  14. Balfour Declaration was signed in which year?

  15. Hazrat Bilal (R.A) was?

  16. In which Hijri year Qibla was changed?

  17. PLO head office situated in which country

  18. What is the capital of South Korea?

  19. Who is the current President of Egypt?

  20. Who is the current President of France?

  21. Uri is situated in?

  22. Judge of the Supreme Court can be judged?

  23. Relation of Band e Ali with Quaid e Azam?

  24. Jihad became faraz in which A.H?

  25. Ghazwa e badr was fought in which hijri year?

  26. JCPOA was signed between which two countries?

  27. The war in which Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) participated is called

  28. When did Imam Bukhari died?

  29. The Cuban missile crisis occurred in which year?

  30. Which Chief Election Commissioner of ECP conducted general election 2018?

  31. With height and decrease in atmospheric pressure the boiling point of water will?

  32. Which has the lowest frequency among X rays, radio waves and ultraviolet?

  33. Which of the following is the nearest planet to earth?

  34. Who is the current chairman of LPO?

  35. Prophet(PBUH) stayed at Makkah after conquest for how many days?

  36. From which city Worl War 1 was started?

  37. How many numbers up to 450 are divisible by 4,6,8?

  38. Oxidation is the chemical reaction involving the?