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FPSC Inspector Investigation FIA solved paper held on 4/01/2020 batch 1

FPSC Inspector Investigation FIA solved paper held on 4/01/2020 batch 1

  1. When did Allama Iqbal got the title of Sir?

  2. The formula of laughing gas is?

  3. Cripps Mission was rejected by the?

  4. Surah Nissa is about?

  5. Which of the following country is the least corrupt in World?

  6. Which city is the wealthiest in the world?

  7. According to UNICEF riskiest country for the new born is the

  8. Which gas absorbs by the plant during sunlight

  9. According to the ranking of 2018 Asia ranking which Pakistani university was among top 100 Universities?

  10. Which country impose tax on emission of carbon for reduction of green house gases?

  11. Solid and liquids are separated by the process?

  12. Charles law is about?

  13. Which frequency is used in TV?

  14. 8 to 80 paisa ratio is?

  15. Atomic hydrogen has life?

  16. Red green blue balls have ratio 2:3:5, the percentage of green is:

  17. By product of Khilafat movement is?

  18. The theme of the cancer day is?

  19. Who appointed Quaid e Azam as Governor General?

  20. Allama Iqbal joined Punjab Council in?

  21. The border of Pakistan and Afghanistan is called?

  22. International mother language day was celebrated on?

  23. In which Surah of the Holy Quran is the longest verse

  24. Where Islamabad located?

  25. Drum of photostat machine was made with which material?

  26. In inelastic collision the potential energy is not?

  27. In which city Asma Jahangir died?

  28. First constitution Assembly of Pakistan was established after how many years of independence?

  29. Highest mountain in Himalaya is the?

  30. On Pakistan and Afghanistan border mountain range was?

  31. Ozone layer protect us from the?

  32. Brotherhood?

  33. Meaning of Al-Kausar is?

  34. Salt and water are separated by the process?

  35. Diamer Bhasha dam is build on the river?

  36. Border length of Pakistan and India is?

  37. What -------- doing in your free time?

  38. Those who ------- late are allowed to in?

  39. How many languages ------- your wife speak?

  40. West Pakistani members in first constituent assembly were

  41. Starch is not available in?

  42. Red color of the blood is due to the?

  43. Human activities are also called as

  44. The quantity of matter in steel ball is called

  45. Longest glacier in Pakistan is?

  46. Before Independence Liaqat Ali Khan had the portfolio of ____ in the cabinet?

  47. The largest fresh water lake in Pakistan is?

  48. The highest mountain of Himalaya in Pakistan is the ?

  49. When charges of both body double then the force become?

  50. Which province is also known as Bab ul Islam

  51. Who is the author of the book "Spirit of Islam"?

  52. Magnetic needle will become?

  53. Dry Ice is also known as?

  54. Who is the Founder of the Unionist Party?

  55. River Chenab and Jhelum meets each other at the point?

  56. To whom Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) entitled as Asad ul Allah?