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FPSC Inspector Investigation FIA solved paper held on 5/01/2020 batch 2

  1. The meaning of Al Maida is

  2. Name of the current Prime Minister of Nepal is;

  3. Which Pakistani pop singer got Sitatr e Imtiaz in 2018?

  4. What is the name of President of Sri-Lanka who got guest of honor in 2018 on Pakistan day?

  5. Who was the second president of Pakistan

  6. Chemical Formula of heavy water is:

  7. Name of the Marsh gas is

  8. Which one is the Ore of Aluminium;

  9. Type of bonding in methane gas

  10. What is the duration of one half of hockey match?

  11. Highest gas producing country is

  12. Balkasar dam is located in which district

  13. In 2017 which country won ICC champion trophy?

  14. When Swat abolished to Pakistan

  15. Khwarizmi was expert which of the following subjects;

  16. Which Pakistani cricket player got test mace?

  17. Allotropy of carbon is