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PPSC Assistant Protocol Officer Paper held on 28/12/2019

PPSC Assistant Protocol Officer Paper held on 28/12/2019

  1. When FATF was established?

  2. It takes to tango?

  3. All and Sundry

  4. President of the European Commission

  5. The country without permanent river is?

  6. Language of the Islamic commonwealth during the reign of Abdul Malik is?

  7. Paw to cat: Hoof to?

  8. Name of the HAzrat Abu Ayub Ansaari (R.A) is

  9. Ranjit Singh made the capital to which city?

  10. Maradona of Pakistan's hockey is?

  11. Cricket T-20 World Cup 2016 was won by ?

  12. First Cricket World Cup was won by which country?

  13. Recently Apache attack helicopter has been sold by US to which country?

  14. Prime Minister of India during Tashkent Decleration was?

  15. Hazrat Data Ali Hujvery wrote the book?

  16. NATO established in 1949 is a ?

  17. Robert Mughabe was the President of the which country?

  18. Nelson Mandela's book published in 1994 was?

  19. Book "Thoughts on Pakistan" was written by?

  20. Which of the following is a coastal landform?

  21. Pakistan purchased Gawadar in ?

  22. Amnesty International is a

  23. Lake Okee Chobee is in the

  24. ILO is a

  25. Total members of NAM is

  26. Sound can not travel through the

  27. US-Arab Summit 2017 was held in

  28. Olympics 2020 will be held in?

  29. British sold Kashmir in 1845 to?

  30. Vitamin helpful in blood clotting is?

  31. Appendices is the inflammation of the

  32. United Nation Human Right Declaration 1948 acknowledged?

  33. In Pakistan highest civil award is?

  34. What does URL stands for?

  35. McMohan line lies between two countries?

  36. Mossad is the intelligence agency of which country?

  37. From the following what are the application software?

  38. Shortcut keys used to delete one word before cursor in MS Word is?

  39. Keys Ctrl +PageUP is used for?

  40. St. Petesburg is in which country?

  41. Hu Chi Minh name?

  42. What is the name of current chairman Federal Board of Revenue?

  43. A.O. Hume founded?

  44. Meaning of charity begins at home is?

  45. Which Surah is known as heart of Quran?

  46. Meaning of the "Out of sight out of mind" is

  47. When USSR invaded Afghanistan?

  48. The angels appointed at the doors of the hell is?

  49. Longest river in the province of Balochistan is?

  50. Which gas is used for the preparation of the Banaspati Ghee

  51. Rituals of Hajj are called?

  52. First female democratically elected Prime Minister of Muslim World is?

  53. Rukn e Azam of Hajj is?

  54. Britishers called 1857 war of independence as?

  55. Allama Iqbal's poem Khizr e Rah was in which book?