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FPSC Inspector Custom Intelligence Officer Past Paper I

FPSC Inspector Custom Intelligence Officer Past Paper I

  1. Which popular name of Netherlands is actually low-lying region of the country

  2. medicine, what does the acronym SARS stands for

  3. Ice-cream was first produced in which country in the 17th century

  4. What is the Capital of Polland

  5. Who wrote black beauty

  6. What in the internet terminology does FTP stands for?

  7. Which strait separates the North and South Island of New Zealand;

  8. The river Danube flows in which sea

  9. How is October 24, 1929 remembered?

  10. What in the internet terminology does SMTP stands for?

  11. What did Johann Galle discover in 1846?

  12. Which country was invaded in Iraq in1980?

  13. What in the field of optics, is biconvex?

  14. What is the name of a person, plant or animal which shuns the light?

  15. What kind of food stuff is Monterrey Jack?

  16. Annapurna is a mountain in which mountain range?

  17. What part of the body consists of the duodenum, the jejunum and ileum?

  18. Which french city is meeting place for the European parliament?

  19. What is the central color of rainbow?

  20. The name of which roman god means shining father in LAtin?

  21. In the MG motor car, what do the MG letter stands for?

  22. What type of the camel has two lumps?

  23. Vienna stands on which river?

  24. For which country E is the international car registration letter

  25. In which part of the body are the deltoid muscles?

  26. In the book treasure island what is the name of the ship?

  27. Which is the World's windiest continent?

  28. What in Russia is Izvestia?

  29. The ancient city of Carthage is now in which country?

  30. Which astronomical unit of distance is greater a parsec or a light year?

  31. Which Asian capital city was known as Batavia until 1949?

  32. Apiphobia is a fear of what?

  33. What type of citrus fruit is a shamouti?

  34. Donnerstage is a German for which day of the week?

  35. By what name is the fruit of the plant Ananas comosus known?

  36. What do the initials FBI stands for

  37. Which Indian religion celebrated the 300th anniversary of its founding in 1999?

  38. Wagga Wagga is a city in which Australian State

  39. What politically does UDI stands for?

  40. What sort of creature is iguana

  41. Which eye infection is sometimes called pinkeye?

  42. What in the printing do the letter U.C. stands for?

  43. What is the capital of Austria?

  44. What is the most distant of the giant planets?

  45. What Indian religion was founded by Guru Nanak?

  46. Which African animals name means river horse?

  47. Ball pein, club, claw and bush are the types of which tool?

  48. What is the device used to raise an object too heavy to deal with by hand?

  49. For what purpose would a gardener used a dibbler?

  50. What is sometime referred to as block and tackle?

  51. Which Shakespeare play was set in Ellsinore Castle, Denmark.

  52. Who said: Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration?

  53. The Kikuyu island chain lies between which two countries?

  54. Which fibrous protein is the major constituent of hair, nails, feather, beaks and claws?

  55. Of which fruit is morello a variety?

  56. Which explorer discovered Victoris fall in Africa

  57. Who was the last king of Egypt

  58. What is the literal meaning of the word mafia

  59. Which war was lasted 16 years longer than its name implies

  60. What is the national sports of Malaysia and Indonesia?

  61. Which is the shallowest lake of the great lakes?

  62. What name is given to minute or microscopic animal and plants that live in the upper layers of fresh and salt water?

  63. Which country was originally named as Cathay?

  64. Sinhalese is the language spoken in which country?

  65. The Sao Francisco river flows in which country?

  66. In which sports do teams compete for the Dunhill cup?

  67. Which Shakespeare's character last words are "the rest is silence"?

  68. In economics whose law states that: Bad money drives out good money.

  69. Who made the first navigation of the globe in the vessel Victoria?

  70. Which mountaineer on being asked why he wanted to climb everest said, "Beacuse its there"?

  71. What was the former name of Sri-Lanka

  72. Baghdad is the capital of which middle east country?

  73. How many arms does a squid have

  74. Which indoor game is played with the shuttlecock?

  75. Do stalactites grows upward or downwards?

  76. What food is also called garbanzo?

  77. What is the quality rating for diesel fuel, similar to the octane number of the petrol?

  78. Which German city and port is at the confluence of the river Neckar and Rhine?

  79. Where in the Europe are the only wild apes to be found?

  80. The Brabanconne is the national anthem of which country?

  81. In which country is the river Spey?

  82. Which international environmental pressure group was founded in 1971?

  83. What is the capital of Morocco?

  84. How many balls are on the table at the start of game of pool?

  85. In which country is the volcano mount Aso?

  86. What name is given to inflammation of one or more joints, causing pain, swelling and restriction of movement?

  87. Which mineral is the main source of meercury?

  88. What is the national airline of Russia code name is SU?

  89. What would be kept in a quiver?

  90. What 'ology' is concerned with the study of unidentified flying objects?

  91. Coal and longtailed are types of which bird family?

  92. In the game of darts what is the value of outer bull?

  93. In which part of the human body is the cochlea

  94. What is the modern name of the rocky fortress which the moors named Gabel-al Tarik?

  95. What was the name of German terrorist Andreas Baader's female partner?

  96. What was the name of the urban guerrilla organization Andreas Baader headed?

  97. Which German bacteriologist discovered salvarsan, a compound used in the treatment of syphillis, before the introduction of antibiotics?

  98. Which ancient Roman satirist wrote the 16 Satires

  99. Who become the Queen of Netherlands in 1980s?

  100. Who was the last British King to appear in Battle?

  101. Who in the World War II were axis power

  102. Which scientist used kites to conduct electrical experiments?

  103. What is the longest river in France

  104. Which inventor had a research laboratory at Menlo Park?

  105. Which birds fly in groups called skeins?

  106. In medicine, which is the most widespread parasitic infection?

  107. What nationality was the explorer Ferdinand Magellan

  108. Which Italian city is called Firenze in Italian?

  109. Which is the Australian largest city?

  110. Which term meaning 'lightning was' was used to describe the military tactics used by the German in World War II?

  111. Which gas used in advertising signs has the symbol Ne?

  112. Which branch of the mathematics uses symbol to represent the unknown quantities?

  113. What does the abbreviation FAR stands for?

  114. What name is given to the use of live animals in the experiments?

  115. Viti levu is the largest island in which country?

  116. The Golden Arrow was the famous train that ran from Paris to which destination?

  117. Which country fought on both sides during World War II

  118. What centigrade temperature is gas mark 6 equal to?

  119. In the game of chess, which piece is called Springer in Germany

  120. What is the meaning of the Russian word 'mir'?

  121. Which country had a police force called 'The Tonton Macoutes'?

  122. What would you find in formicary?