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History of USA MCQs

History of USA MCQs

  1. Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement, was founded in

  2. The Boston Tea incident took place in

  3. Thomas Jefferson wrote Deceleration of Independence in

  4. The Deceleration of Independence was signed on

  5. The constitution of the United States was written in

  6. According to first census of USA (1790) its population was

  7. Supreme Court of USA was established in

  8. George Washington died in

  9. First Chief Justice of USA was

  10. The constitution of USA was adopted in

  11. US constitution was ratified in

  12. _______________ elected as the first president of the United States on April 30, 1789

  13. George Washington elected as the first president of the United States on

  14. John Adams served as the second president of the United States on

  15. ________________ was the third president of the United States 1801-1809

  16. President Thomas Jefferson bought Louisiana from France in 1803, for

  17. The first Secretary of State of US was

  18. The XYZ affairs took place between _________________ in 1797 and 1798

  19. First University to be found in USA was

  20. First capital of USA was

  21. Independence hall in ________________________ is the site where the Deceleration of Independence and the Constitution were written

  22. The son of the Liberty was formed in

  23. The battle of __________________was the turning point of the American Revolution

  24. The British defeat at ______________________ by the George Washington`s troops, signaled the end of the American Revolution

  25. The number of members of the American Senate is

  26. Henry Alfred Kissinger was the

  27. The Camp David is located in

  28. American President Received the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1906

  29. ___________________ made a trip to Beijing in 1972

  30. Who was the president of USA when Russia invaded Afghanistan in early 1980

  31. What does NASA stands for

  32. To which political party did President Woodrow Wilson belong

  33. Who wrote "Encyclopedia of American History"?

  34. The Peace treaty of American Independence in 1783 was signed in the city of

  35. Father of American Constitution

  36. The first ten amendments to the constitution of US ratified in 1791 are known as a

  37. The great depression of ______________ lasted for ten a decade

  38. Cornwallis surrendered to the American and French troops at

  39. The battle of Bull Run was fought in

  40. Panama Canal was officially opened in

  41. Who wrote "The White House Years"?

  42. "I have a dream" who delivered this oration

  43. The capital of New York State is

  44. Before civil war the principal crop of South was

  45. US entered the second World War in

  46. Gold Rush in California took place in

  47. The civil war was fought from

  48. The civil rights act was passed in

  49. Louis Armstrong was a

  50. Atlantic Charter dates back to

  51. Attack on Pearl Harbour took place in

  52. Bill Clinton was _______________ President of United States

  53. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in

  54. Total number of States in US is

  55. Dred Scott Decision of the Supreme Court of USA declaring slave a chattel was given in

  56. Stamp act was passed in

  57. Complete diplomatic relations between China and US were established in

  58. NATO was established in the year

  59. In 1900 the "Open Door Policy" was adopted with respect to

  60. The book "Uncle Tom`s Cabin" was written by

  61. The Truman Doctrine was mainly designed to extend economic assistance to

  62. The term "Big Stick Diplomacy" is associated with president

  63. During the American Civil War, the president of Confederacy was

  64. Judges of the American Supreme Court are appointed by

  65. Total articles in the United States Constitution are

  66. State is known as sunshine state

  67. State known as Golden gate State

  68. State known as Sooners state

  69. What does ANZUS stands for

  70. Treaty of Ghent ended war 1812 between

  71. Gettysburg address was delivered by President

  72. California was settled most rapidly after Gold was discovered in

  73. Susan B. Anthony was an outspoken advocate of

  74. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour in

  75. Next to cotton the most valuable American export in 1860 was

  76. The constitution of the United States provides that amendments may be proposed by

  77. What revolution in Europe was influenced most directly by American Revolution

  78. The United States gained Texas from

  79. Virgin Island was purchased from ___________ in March 31, 1917 fro 25 Million USD

  80. Puerto Rico ceded to US by

  81. Spain financed Westward voyage of Columbus in

  82. The Albany Congress in 1754 was attended by delegates of

  83. Oregon was acquired in

  84. Congress of US consists of _____________ and the House of Representatives

  85. Statue of Liberty was given to USA by the ________________ in October 28, 1886

  86. Name of the President famous for his fourteen points

  87. Delaware State is nicknamed as

  88. Era of good feeling was during the presidency of President

  89. The slogan of Fair Deal was given by the President

  90. Pilgrims fathers established

  91. Intolerable acts were introduced in

  92. Steel cooperation of USA was established in

  93. Who said this "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country?"

  94. Which of the following English colonies in America was named after Queen Elizabeth

  95. The pilgrims from England reached polymouth in a ship called

  96. Which leader of American Revolution was also a Scientist, a printer, Satirist and political philosopher

  97. How many political parties are mentioned by name in US

  98. The treaty of Paris in 1783 fixed the Western boundary of the United states at the river

  99. Under Adams-Onis Treaty United States acquired Florida from

  100. Which American President won election four times and remain president for longest period of time

  101. Which of the American President called the former Soviet Union "An Evil Empire"

  102. Which American president remained the head of the Central Intelligence Agency CIA before becoming the president

  103. Alva Edison invented Phonograph in

  104. Elijah Muhammad assumed leadership of the black Muslims Movement second time in

  105. Korean war started in

  106. Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace Prize in

  107. American troops finally left Vietnam after the end of the war on

  108. The American commitment to prevent spread of communism was expressed in

  109. Europe`s rapid economic recovery after World War II was mainly due to

  110. The Americans signed the Treaty of Alliance with France in

  111. What was the reason for the great depression

  112. Fourteenth amendment pertained to