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Different Abbreviations Used in Information Technology

Different Abbreviations Used in Information Technology

  1. Analog to Digital

  2. Artificial Intelligence

  3. Arithmetic Logic Unit

  4. Advanced Micro Devices

  5. Binary Coded Decimal

  6. Basic Input Output System

  7. Billions of Instructions Per Seconds

  8. Bites Per Inch

  9. Computer Aided Design

  10. Computer Aided Engineering

  11. Computer Aided Software Engineering

  12. Compact Disk

  13. CD Recordable

  14. Compact Disk Read Only Memory

  15. Command Language

  16. Command Line Interface

  17. Central Processing Unit

  18. Digital to Analog

  19. Digital Audio Tap

  20. Data Base Management System

  21. Digital Data Storage

  22. Direct Memory Access

  23. Digital Network Architecture

  24. Dots per Inch

  25. Digital Video/Versatile Disk

  26. Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

  27. Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator

  28. Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Calculator

  29. Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator

  30. Electronic Programming Guide

  31. Front End Processor

  32. Frequency Modulation

  33. File Transfer Protocol

  34. Giga Bytes

  35. General Packet Radio Service

  36. Global System for Mobile Communication

  37. Graphical User Interface

  38. Hierarchical Storage System

  39. Hyper Text Markup Language

  40. Internet Protocol

  41. Integrated Service Digital Network

  42. Internet Service Provider

  43. Joint Photographic Experts Group

  44. Local Area Network

  45. Liquid Crystal Display

  46. Light Emitting Diode

  47. Line Per Minute

  48. Large Scale Integration

  49. Millions of Instructions Per Seconds

  50. Microcom Network Protocol

  51. Moving Pictures Expert Group

  52. MicroSoft Disk Operating System

  53. Multiprogramming with Variable Tasks

  54. Network Interface Card

  55. Network Operating System

  56. Optical Character Recognition

  57. Optical Mark Reader

  58. Open Source Software