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International Organizations Related to Agriculture and their abbreviations

International Organizations Related to Agriculture and their abbreviations

  1. International Center for Agriculture Research in the Dry Areas Syria

  2. International Wheat and Maize Improvement Center

  3. World Agroforestry Nairobi, Kenya

  4. International Centre For Tropical Agriculture Indonesia

  5. The Centre For International Foresty Research Bogor, Indonesia

  6. International Maize And Wheat Improvement Centre Mexico

  7. International Potato Centre, United State

  8. International Crop Research Institute for the semi arid tropics India

  9. International food policy research institue USA

  10. International Institue of Tropical Agriculture Nigeria

  11. International Livestock Research Institue Kenya

  12. International rice research institue Los Baños, Philippines

  13. International Water Management Institue srilanka

  14. Consultative group on internatioanl Agricultral Research Montpellier, France

  15. Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay

  16. Farmer Field School UN, Indonesia

  17. Gross Domestic Products

  18. Integrated Pest Management

  19. International Seed Testing Association Switzerland

  20. Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development Paris, France

  21. United States Department of Agriculture

  22. Open Pollinated Variety

  23. World Food Program Rome, Italy

  24. Regional Agriculture Research Institue Bahawalpur

  25. Barani Agriculture Research Institue Chakwal

  26. Nuclear Institue Agriculture Tandojam

  27. Agriculture Research institue Dera Ismil Khan

  28. Cereal Crops Ressearch Institue PIRSABAK, Nowshera KPK

  29. Nuclear Institue of Food And Agriculture Peshwar

  30. Balochistan Agriculture Research And Development Centre

  31. Summer Agriculture Research Station Kaghan

  32. Food and Agriculture Organization Rome,Italy

  33. World Food Programme

  34. National Institue Of Biotechnology And Genetic Engineering ,FSD