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PPSC Solved MCQs of Lecturer Pak Study 2018 in Special Education Department

PPSC Solved MCQs of Lecturer Pak Study 2018 in Special Education Department

  1. In the modern world the office of the Ombudsman was first created in the

  2. The Muslim demand of separate electorate presented by the Shimla deputation was incorporated in the

  3. Alexandria is the Seaport of

  4. Karakoram Highway starts in Pakistan from

  5. The objectives resolution was passed by the first constituent assembly in

  6. The world oldest national anthem is of

  7. Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Science and Technology is situated at

  8. Moplah revolt appeared in the

  9. Which incident became the cause of 14 points of Quaid-e-Azam

  10. When Indian Muslims observed 'Day of deliverance' after the resignation of Congress ministries on

  11. National animal of Pakistan is

  12. Who was the first chairman senate after the promulgation of 1973 constitution

  13. Which one of the following institute was inaugurated by Quaid e Azam on July 1, 1948

  14. Who represented the congress in 1st Round Table Cpnference

  15. Which is the lightest from all these gases

  16. In the Provincial election of 1937, All India Muslim League won the largest number of seats in the

  17. Pakistan's first commercial bank is the

  18. Bicameralism in Pakistan was first introduced in the constitution of

  19. The Soan Valley is the site of ancient civilization, it is situated in the

  20. Which of the following Sufi Poet's tomb located in the Mithon Kot?

  21. The old city of Lahore had

  22. Pakistan National Anthem was approved by the Government in

  23. Simli Dam was built on the river

  24. Khyber Pass is situated in the

  25. Identify the Secretary of Estate led by the Cabinet Mission in 1946

  26. Which of the following Mughal Emperor born in Lahore on 1592

  27. Rand is the currency of

  28. Congress launched "Quiet India Movement" against the British Government in _________

  29. Pakistan standard time is _____________ hours ahead of Greenwich Mean time

  30. The first federal Ombudsman (Wafaki Mohtasab) of Pakistan was

  31. Who first supported the Pakistan resolution in 1940

  32. How many sessions of Gandhi-Jinnah talks were held in 1944

  33. The first coin of Pakistan was designed by the

  34. On which occasion Quaid e Azam said Handu India and Muslim India parted and parted forever

  35. Which of the following leaders helped Quaid e Azam in the preparation of his fourteen points in 1929

  36. Quaid e Azam was appointed permanent President of All India Muslim League unanimously in

  37. The Government of India Act 1935 divided the India into

  38. In the interim Government of 1946, the minister of health was

  39. The third president of All India Muslim League was

  40. Which of the following archaeological site was discovered in 1955

  41. Which of the following fort built by the Mughal Emperor Zaheer ud Din Babar in 16th Century

  42. Khanpur Mosque tragedy took place in the

  43. The first Urdu newspaper (Daily) published after the creation of Pakistan was

  44. When All India Muslim League was founded in 1906, one of its main objective was

  45. The Sultan of Delhi, who is reputed to have build the biggest network of canals was

  46. Pakistan's first women university was established in 1998 at

  47. Which is the most significant feature of Government of India Act 1935

  48. Quaid e Azam 'As I know Him' is the famous biography of Quaid e Azam written by the

  49. The track of orange line train in Lahore is

  50. Pakistan largest airport is located in the

  51. Shah Abdul Latif Bithai is the famous Sindhi poet of

  52. The Simon Commission report which was published in May, 1930 proposed _________ for India

  53. A famous Naltar valley is 40km away from

  54. Pakistan Red Crescent Society was founded on

  55. Which is the oldest city of Pakistan

  56. The Headquarters of Pakistan Red Crescent Society is located in

  57. Hanna lake is located in the

  58. Pakistan joined Organization of Islamic countries in

  59. _____________ is the first Pakistani women to climb Mount Everest on 19th May 2013

  60. Ronald Amundsen belonged to

  61. The first Pakistani women to reach the North pole in April 2007 is

  62. Pakistan's first private airline is

  63. The archaeological site Bhambor is located in the

  64. The small town Taftan located near Pakistan border with

  65. Pakistan China border agreement was signed in

  66. The longest serving Chief Justice of Pakistan has been so far

  67. Which of the following glaciers is located in the Karakoram range

  68. Which Pakistani city totally destroyed in 1935 Earthquake

  69. The total length of Makran coastal highway is

  70. The Babusar top connects

  71. The first water accord was signed among the provinces in.

  72. The only National Election held on non party basis was in

  73. Which is the deepest lake in the world.

  74. The duration of National Anthem of Pakistan is

  75. The Pothohar plateau contains the minerals deposits of

  76. Which one of the following leader convinced Quaid e Azam to join All India Muslim League

  77. Mast Tawakali was the prominent poet of

  78. Pakistan Afghanistan border "Durand Line" was drawn in the

  79. The largest desert of Pakistan is

  80. The oldest barrage built on Indus river is

  81. All the major political parties boycotted Sir Simon Commission 1927 because

  82. Pakistan joined World Trade Organization (WTO) in

  83. Lowari tunnel was inaugurated on

  84. The number of letters in Urdu language are

  85. After the creation of Pakistan the first radio station was established at.

  86. The first Pakistani Prime Minister who visited China was

  87. Which was the first missile launched by the Pakistan.

  88. Ruins of Mohenjo Dahro located in the District of

  89. Indus river falls into the Arabian Sea near

  90. Sultanate of Oman ceded the Gowadar enclave to Pakistan in

  91. The newly constructed Bhikki Power Plant power generating capacity is

  92. The Lahore Islamabad Motorway is called

  93. The last town on the Karakoram highway in Pakistan before the Chinese border is

  94. FATA was merged into KPK through the constitutional amendment of

  95. The Wakhan corridor separates Pakistan from

  96. Atta Shad is the famous poet of

  97. Pakistan China Economic Corridor will be fully operational by

  98. Mention the importance of August 17, 1988

  99. The famous architectural site in Lahore Chauburji was built by Mughal Princess

  100. Nikkei is the Stock Exchange index of