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PPSC Lecturer of History Past Paper 2011

PPSC Lecturer of History Past Paper 2011

  1. How many members were in Nehru committee

  2. Baluchistan was given the status of province in

  3. Who was the first Governor of Baluchistan

  4. When West Pakistan became one unit

  5. When first constituent Assembly of Pakistan dissolved

  6. Who was the first President of Indian National Congress

  7. Sarojini Naidu also known by the Sobriquet the nightingale of India due to

  8. Who was called the imported Prime Minister of Pakistan

  9. Skindar Mirza professionally a

  10. Who was called the financial wizard of Pakistan

  11. Who was the first secretory general of Pakistan who work under Liaqat Ali Khan

  12. Who was the chief convener of the constitution of the Muslim League known as green book

  13. How many princely states in the subcontinents at the time of partition

  14. The victory of Afghanistan, Kharasan, Tarbistan occurred in the Khilafat of

  15. Which is called first muslim Magna Carta

  16. The maximum population in the period of ignorance was

  17. The most common activity before Islam was

  18. The special idol of was was

  19. Who was the first foreign minister of Pakistan

  20. The prime Minister of Pakistan which has the shortest period was

  21. the duration of Prime Ministership of I.I. Chundrigar was

  22. Who was nominated deputy Prime Minister of Pakistan

  23. How many members included in Simla deputation

  24. Hamayu nama is the book of

  25. Sir Syed Ahamd Khan recieved an L.L.D. honorius from

  26. Pakistan became the member of NAM in

  27. Why Muslim league reject the Nehru report

  28. Who was the real founder of slave dynasty

  29. Why Bulban used blood and iron policy

  30. How many Muslim league members in 1946 cabinet

  31. Dyarchy system firstly used in India under

  32. The total duration of vice president ship of Noor -ul-Amin was

  33. What was the response of Allama Iqbal in case of Lakhnow pact

  34. The weight age directly based on the

  35. The impact of hijrat movement was

  36. Response of Quaid e Azam in case of Khilafat movement was

  37. Miftahul Khar was the surname of

  38. When revolution occurred in Iraq by Brigadier General Abdul Karim Qasim

  39. Who awarded the title of Ghazi to the Mustafa Kamal Ataturk

  40. When Turkey became republic

  41. When the abolition f caliphate and the rule of the Ottuman Turks ended for ever

  42. Who was Bal Gangadhar Tilk

  43. What is history

  44. Who was the first Chief of Army staff of Pakistan

  45. Who called the current day's phoron of Egypt

  46. Malik Kafoor was the vice of Shahabuddin Umar Khilji, What was his duration

  47. Last Governor General of India Mountbatten worked in the rank of UK forces

  48. What was the Islamic first drill ground

  49. Who proclaimed that he was the first King of Islam

  50. Who was Yaqoot

  51. Which King of Tugliq Dynasty compared with the Akbar

  52. Allan Octavian Hume was a

  53. Who was called the pioneers of Pakistan China relations

  54. When khilafat committee established

  55. Sirsyed remains the member of the Imperial council for the period of

  56. What was the purpose of gaor kasa sabha

  57. Syria gets freedom from

  58. Futuhat-i-Firoz Shahi is the book of

  59. Who said the only default in Razia that she was women

  60. The duration of the marwan Bin Hakam was

  61. Who said this about Feroz Shah Tughlaq that he was a father to his people

  62. The duration of Aram Shah kingship was

  63. The outline of the history is the book of

  64. Independence day of Sudan is

  65. When UAR dissolved

  66. The ruling period of Hafeez ul Asad was

  67. When Syrian president Shakri al-Kuwatli and Nasser announced the merging of the two countries creating the United Arab Republic?

  68. How many Muslims were killed in the battle of Saffan

  69. History of the Arabs is the book of

  70. In which year three military coups occurred in Syria