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Solved Notes for Paper of PPSC Lecturer Pak Studies

Solved Notes for Paper of PPSC Lecturer Pak Studies

  1. The total length of coastline of Pakistan is

  2. Cease fire Line came into existance in

  3. Pakistan can be divided in _______________ natural regions

  4. Height of K2 mountain is the

  5. The coldest place in Pakistan is the

  6. Most of the hosiery industry is located in the

  7. The heavy mechanical complex was established with the help of China at

  8. The first Census in Subcontinent took place in the year

  9. ________________ is the major Rabi crop of Pakistan

  10. Kotli is the city of _____________

  11. Pakistan celebrated Quaid's year in

  12. Maulana Shibli wrote book on

  13. The first translation of the holy Quran was in the

  14. Qutab Minar was in the

  15. Pakistan can be divided into __________ according to climae

  16. Hashim Shah wrote ____________ book

  17. The British Communal Award was announced in

  18. Land between two rivers is called

  19. Shah Jahan constructed Jamia Masjid in

  20. _____________ is the oldest cantonment of Pakistan

  21. The length of the Durand line is

  22. The length of Pakistan's common border with Iran is

  23. Chinese province adjoining to Pakistan is

  24. Jinnah barrage was constructed on the river

  25. Sukkur barrage is completed in the

  26. Khanpur Dam is located in the District

  27. Baba Faried Shakar Gunj died in Pakpattan in

  28. Old name of Shaiwal city is

  29. Famous Noor Mahal is located in the city

  30. The founder of Suharwirdi silsila in Pakistan is

  31. Data Gunj Bukhsh is the author of the book

  32. Badshahi Mosque was built in the

  33. Imperial Highway is the old name of road

  34. Nanga Parbat is commonly known as

  35. Karakoram Highway was completed in

  36. The Karakoram highway passes through the

  37. Sciachen Glacier is located near

  38. An m-1 motorway is the

  39. Ranjit Singh sold Kashmir for

  40. Attock fort was built by the

  41. Shalimar Garden was built in

  42. Faisalabad is commonly known as

  43. Tomb of Noor Jahan was located at

  44. Who was first Chief of Army Staff of Pakistani forces

  45. Book Heer Ranjha was written by the

  46. Sohni Mahiwal book was written by the

  47. Sindh was also known as

  48. Peshawar is also known as

  49. Warsak dam near Peshawar was built on river

  50. Ranikot fort is located near

  51. Kotdigi for is located in the district

  52. Old name of Jacobabad city is

  53. Kotri Barrage was built in