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PPSC Past Paper of Agriculture Officer/ Farm Manager (BS-17) 2020

PPSC Past Paper of Agriculture Officer/ Farm Manager (BS-17) 2020

  1. 2-4 D which type of herbicide

  2. Seed rate of wheat is.

  3. Family of wheat plant is

  4. Family of cotton plant is

  5. Wind van is used to measure _______

  6. Cotton is a _______ type plant

  7. Season of maize crop is

  8. Headquarters of FAO situated in ?

  9. Night blindness is due to the deficiency of?

  10. Disease causing swelling of udder is?

  11. Green revolution most successful in _____ crops

  12. Brassica juncea is botanical name of

  13. Fermented products are

  14. Row to row distance in cotton is _______

  15. When supply decreases the price ____

  16. The study of fruit plants is called

  17. Total water requirement of a crop throughout the growth period is called

  18. Best practice for management of anthracnose of mango disease is

  19. Which one is the secondary nutrient

  20. Fermented products of milk is

  21. The market or place in a country to purchase the currency of another country

  22. According to supply demand principle when supply decreases

  23. Maximum legal established price of any commodity in the market is called

  24. Control of pests through predators is called

  25. The plant growth media used that inhibit the microorganisms activity is known as

  26. Study of fruit is called

  27. Total water required by a crop is called as

  28. Which practice is used to reshape or manage the height of the plant

  29. Removal of plant terminal parts having fruits and few leaves also is called

  30. Which part of sugarcane is best for seed purpose

  31. Gurdaspur is the pest of which crop

  32. CIMMYT deals with which crops

  33. Which part of the plant in maize mature first

  34. In which month mango panicle initiation started

  35. Plants changed from vegetative to reproductive phase when days become longer are called

  36. Residual left in sugarcane after juice extraction is called

  37. Abnormal proliferation of cells in plants is called as

  38. In which type of account interest can be withdrawn on monthly basis

  39. Establishment of new orchard in evergreen plants takes place in ________

  40. The formula of Ozone is ___________________

  41. Heat treatment given for the removing the microbial enzyme is called

  42. Seed part below cotyledon is called as

  43. Bacteria responsible for milk fermentation is called as

  44. Vitamin C rich fruits are

  45. Common name of Brassica juncea is

  46. Micronutrient used in the rice is

  47. Which one is the common weed of rice

  48. Gram blight spread in which type of weather

  49. Bacterial leaf blight is the disease of ___________________

  50. Maximum uptake of phosphorus take place at pH

  51. The carbohydrate present in the seeds is called

  52. Most commonly present saturated fatty acid in oilseeds is

  53. Lime and pickles are called as

  54. Problems of agriculture are

  55. Types of wind erosion are

  56. Factors related to soil is also called as

  57. Enzyme nature is

  58. Oldest preservation methods are

  59. Forestry recultivation is called

  60. Wheat is a _____________ crop

  61. Insects active during night are called as

  62. Plants having soft watery stem and leaves

  63. Water loving plants are called as

  64. Soil water conservation techniques are

  65. Plant selection of phenotypic superiority basis is called as

  66. Uptake of water by the seed prior to germination is called as

  67. Seeds of Siris (Shareen, Albezia lebbeck) is eaten by the

  68. Conservation agriculture is also called as

  69. Removal of soluble salts from saline sodic soils is

  70. Which one is the gaseous hormone

  71. Abiotic factors are also called as

  72. Waste water and liquid from industries is called as

  73. Most commonly Insecticide formulation used in Pakistan are

  74. If a country export is more than imports is called as

  75. Farm manager performs following activities

  76. Soy sauce is the fermented product of

  77. Bacteria feeding on dead organic matter is called as

  78. Managing of farm using minimum inputs is known as

  79. Population day is celebrated on

  80. Which one of the following is best electrical conductor , Glass, Diamond, Wood and Silver

  81. The older cells are replaced by the new cells in (stomach cells, Skin cells, blood cells, all of these

  82. CSS stands for

  83. The name of Ghulam of Hazrat Khadija (R.A) is

  84. Which cities are known as Hajaz (Makkah, Madina, Taif All of these)

  85. Gerund is a (Verbal noun, Adjective noun, Adverb, None of these)

  86. Synonyms of ENGROSS is

  87. Sustainable development goals to transform our world is

  88. Email client is (Audio, text, Video, All of these)

  89. Which one is not used in internet (http, DHCP, DNS, All of these are used)

  90. If a given task is completed by 10 persons in 14 days, how much days required to complete the same task if we reduce the number of persons to 4.

  91. Yak na shud ___________

  92. Author of Urdu book Zinda Rudh is ________

  93. Philosopher, Politician, Jurist of 14th century is __________

  94. Machu Picchu remain unknown to the world until __________

  95. Razia Sultana was the daughter of the ___

  96. Srinagar and Muzafarabad Bus service was started in _________

  97. World War 1 was ended due to ___________

  98. Which Pakistani batsman scored double hundred in ODIs and remained not out on 210

  99. Which technique is mostly useful for water conservation

  100. Annual average Rainfall in Semi Arid regions lies between