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FPSC Inspector Airport Security Force (ASF) paper held on 4 January 2020 4th Batch

FPSC Inspector Airport Security Force (ASF) paper held on 4 January 2020 4th Batch

  1. Anniversary of Berlin wall fall in 2019 ?

  2. Saad Hariri stepped down, from which country he belongs to?

  3. UN Climate change conference COP 25 was held in?

  4. IAEA headquarters situated in?

  5. Which year is known as turning point year for Muslims

  6. Simla conference was held in which year?

  7. President of which country ordered to kill drug dealers?

  8. Coin of Rs. 50 issued by the State Bank of Pakistan contain whose picture?

  9. In which country people protest on imposing taxes on WhatsApp?

  10. Other name of Bogra formula is?

  11. Out of following which river doesn't flow from Jammu and Kashmir?

  12. Dir Chitral and Swat incorporated into KPK in which year?

  13. 5th pillar of Islam is?

  14. Ghazwa e Badr was fought in which year?

  15. How many daughters of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)

  16. The name of the first holy book?

  17. National code of Pakistan is?

  18. Who was the first caliph?

  19. Guardianship of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) after Hazrat Abdul Mutlib?

  20. When Hazrat Khadija and Abu Talib died?

  21. Who has title of Zun Norain

  22. Meaning of word URDU is

  23. Urdu language has words from other languages is it true or false

  24. ASF act was framed in?

  25. National tree of Pakistan is

  26. National bird of Pakistan is?

  27. Which country rejects to send their post to India after 72 years?

  28. Total length of Durand line is