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FPSC Inspector Airport Security Force (ASF) paper held on 3 January 2020 2nd Batch

  1. Which Indian Royal family members were supported financially to break Ottoman empire?

  2. Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah joined Muslim League in which year?

  3. Heavy industries taxila was established with the help of which country?

  4. WWF stands for?

  5. Sayyid al Shuhada?

  6. First prime number is?

  7. Allahabad address of Allama Iqbal was presented in which year?

  8. Capital of South Africa is?

  9. PTV started color transmission in which year?

  10. NIC were issued in which year?

  11. Allama Iqbal PhD thesis was on?

  12. Who is the current president of China?

  13. Who is the current permanent representative of Pakistan in UN?

  14. Drama which was seen in 30 Muslim countries?

  15. Which Sahabi resemblance was with Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)

  16. Who is the current FBR chairman?

  17. Hillary Clinton in 2007 was?

  18. Opposition leader of labor party in UK is?

  19. UN secretary General belongs to?

  20. Which Prophet's Nation started worshipping calf?

  21. Ready made food comes from heaven for the nation of which Prophet

  22. The book sole of spokes person is written by?

  23. How many masaraf e zakat are?

  24. Markey company belongs to?

  25. When Pakistan joined World Bank.

  26. Muslims pray namaz e istaska for