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FPSC Inspector Airport Security Force (ASF) paper held on 2 January 2020 1st Batch

FPSC Inspector Airport Security Force (ASF) paper held on 2 January 2020 1st Batch

  1. How many Surah's are there in Holy Quran?

  2. The date of 1962 constitution was

  3. Who presented Lahore Resolution?

  4. 64% of 240 is?

  5. Who is the current US Embasdor in Pakistan?

  6. Capital of Cuba is?

  7. On which date Zia ul Haq imposed Martial law?

  8. when did Ayub Khan resigned

  9. Literal meaning of Al-Hajarat is;

  10. Literal Meaning of Zakat?

  11. Literal meaning of Hadees;

  12. Which Sahabi was best acknowledge about Halal and Haraam?

  13. Zou Shahaadatain is the title of which sahabi?

  14. Jamal Khaskoggi in which country consulate being murdered?

  15. Jamal Khoshogi belonged to which news paper?

  16. What was the other name of Nelson Mandela?

  17. For how many years Nelson Mandela was in prison?

  18. Which novelist Turkey won the Nobel prize for literature?

  19. Quiad e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah completed degree of law from which university?

  20. When Babri mosque was demolished?

  21. After 1973 constitution when general election were held?

  22. Where is the grave of Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar

  23. Allama Iqbal Alma Mater PhD degree was from which University?

  24. Brexit meaning?

  25. What is the name of capital of Turkey

  26. What is the name of European Union Capital?

  27. Who was the founder of new Turkey?