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FPSC Assistant Director FIA Investigation Paper held on 24/10/2019 Batch 5

  1. Antonym of "Loquacious" is

  2. Speed of light is?

  3. GATT stands for?

  4. FOIP stands for?

  5. who is the author of book "Spy chronicles"

  6. who is the author of the Post American World

  7. Fiest scribe of the Quran is?

  8. Synonym of Abrasive is?

  9. Operation Gibraltar is

  10. Synonym of Amulet is?

  11. Date of birth of ms Fatima Jinnah was?

  12. Gawadar was purchased from which country?

  13. Gawadar remains under the rule of Oman for how many years?

  14. Wudu order is mentioned in which Surah of the Holy Quran?

  15. How many times word Muhammad is in Holy Quran?

  16. Trinity is?

  17. Bogota is the capital of which country?

  18. Region of Kurdastan is in which countries?

  19. Sarajevo is the capital of which country?