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FPSC Assistant Director FIA Investigation Paper held on 23/10/2019 Batch 4

FPSC Assistant Director FIA Investigation Paper held on 23/10/2019 Batch 4

  1. Ahmad name mention in which Surah?

  2. Imam Bukhari was born in which hijri year?

  3. New Start is an agreement between?

  4. Who can amend the rules of FIA?

  5. NPT stands for?

  6. BRI stands for?

  7. Alan Faqir was?

  8. Hazrat Khadija age was at the time of death is?

  9. Said Ullah is the title of Sahabi?

  10. Who is the current President of India?

  11. Which country is the largest oil producer in the world in 2018?

  12. Battle Yarmouk was fought between?

  13. "Pakistan is a hard country" the book is written by?

  14. Eid prayer is?

  15. Neptune spear operation was against?

  16. Jallainwala Bach massacre happened in which year?

  17. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) belongs to which family?

  18. Nationalization of Duel canal in 1956 by whom?

  19. Reconciliation Islam democracy and the west

  20. Who is the current prime minister of UK?

  21. Prime minister of Imran Khan met with President Donald Trump?

  22. First constitution was in?

  23. Who is current Secretary of state USA?

  24. Turn out of general election 2018 was?

  25. Yasir Arafat was leader of which organization?

  26. Most abundent element on earth crust is?

  27. Hydrogen has charge?

  28. Total number of States in European Unions?

  29. Masjid Qibletain was in which city?

  30. Formula of density is?

  31. Redioactivity was discovered by?

  32. Theory of relativity was given by?

  33. Laser was discovered by?

  34. Synonym of bigotry is?

  35. Synonym of manifesto is

  36. Synonym of abatement is

  37. Synonym of meticulous is

  38. Antonym of capricious is

  39. Doppler's effect applicable to?

  40. Transformer works on the principle of?

  41. Unit of surface tension is?

  42. Second most abundent element on sun is?

  43. Pakistan special police established in?