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FPSC Assistant Director FIA Investigation Paper held on 23/10/2019 Batch 3

FPSC Assistant Director FIA Investigation Paper held on 23/10/2019 Batch 3

  1. What is the current order of Quran Hakeem?

  2. The marriage of which Umm ul Momineen mentioned in the Surah Ahzab?

  3. Who is the current UN Secretary General?

  4. How many main organization of UN?

  5. What is the official name of World Bank

  6. By whom Quran was first time translated into Urdu

  7. What is the name of Sahabi mentioned in the holy Quran?

  8. Who is current Pakistani ambassador to USA

  9. "Policy of containment" was

  10. Water gate scandal was?

  11. Cyprus is disputed area between?

  12. What is the capital of Turkey

  13. Which was the 5th largest party according to obtained votes in general election 2018

  14. When was NWFP province was separated from Punjab?

  15. The first satellite sent in space by?

  16. Which country is not a member of SCO?

  17. Wavell: the viceroy's Journal by Archibald Wavell is a?

  18. Katas Raj temple is situated at which district of Punjab

  19. "Pakistan Gate" at Taftan border Iran is inaugurated on

  20. First railway track in Pakistan was constructed from?

  21. The crimean Peninsula was annexed by the?

  22. howas many Huroof e Muqqattaat was

  23. Convection is done only in

  24. Heat transfer occurs through how many methods?

  25. All types of energy finally results in?

  26. Ozone exists in which layer of atmosphere?

  27. Which is the biggest planet of Solar system

  28. Unit of efficiency is?

  29. S.I. unit of magnetic flux is?

  30. Earth atmosphere is divided into how many categories?

  31. Which term is used in FIA act 1974?

  32. Any ________ of an order made under sub-section (5) shall be punishable

  33. The extent of this act applies to?

  34. In FIA act "RULES" means

  35. How many terms are defined under FIA act section 2

  36. Anyone may delegate power to any other member of the agency?

  37. The first offence given in the schedule of offences is

  38. OIC stands for?

  39. WTO was abbreviation of

  40. QCG stands for?

  41. Bayan ul Quran was written by

  42. In which Surah Allah stops interest and promotes trade?

  43. The correct arrangement of scientific processes are

  44. Absolute zero temperature is?

  45. Who is the Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court?

  46. How many satellites are surrounding the earth?