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FPSC Assistant Director FIA Investigation Paper held on 22/10/2019 Batch 2

  1. Upper house in Indian parliament is known as?

  2. Poet Rah man Baba was died in which year?

  3. Which organization is involved in Palwama attack?

  4. CPEC starts from?

  5. Who is the current exterior Minister of Russia?

  6. Who is the current Prime Minister of Japan?

  7. Tashkent is the capital of which country?

  8. What is the capital of Maldives?

  9. SAARC headquarters situated in?

  10. East Timur was a part of which country until 1975?

  11. Name the country which is going to construct oil refinery in Gawader

  12. Which of the following is the coldest layer of atmosphere?

  13. Dielectric constant of water is?

  14. Refined form of carbon is?

  15. Forces acting on a point is?

  16. After melting rocks which new form build?

  17. According to the 2017 census the population of Pakistan is?

  18. During cold war the official name of west Germany is?

  19. The meaning of detente is?

  20. Such was not really my intentions in the case. What is such in this sentence?