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Sindh Public Service Commission, Agriculture Officer /Farm manager Test 2019

  1. KATJA is cultivar of;

  2. Inqalab-91 is a cultivar of;

  3. The soil survey of Pakistan had identified classes of land under a system of land capability classes

  4. Rearing of silkworm is known as;

  5. Cotton is a _____ crop

  6. NMR stands for

  7. The science of vegetable production is called

  8. The actual amount of water present in air is called

  9. Rearing of honeybees is called

  10. The artificial removal of stamens before the dehiscence is called

  11. The science of fruit production is called

  12. Scirtothrips citri is a pest attacking

  13. Mangifera indica is a botanical name of;

  14. NAR stands for

  15. Copying of mRNA into protein is termed as

  16. The science of classification is called

  17. Grapes cultivation is called

  18. Tomato is a good source of vitamin